About Jisr

JISR brings together academics and enterprises on the Middle East

    JISR, which means bridge in Arabic, provides and facilitates applied research and coaching services. Its activities focus on the future fitness of medium-sized European enterprises operating in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

    Improving the future fitness of enterprises

    Major forces are reshaping the systems in which social and ecommercial enterprises operate in the MENA region. These forces include strong environmental, demographic, sociopolitical, technological and economic drivers of change.

    Decision-makers in medium-sized commercial and social enterprises in Europe are confronted with complex outcomes and uncertain inflexion points in the diverse MENA countries. They do not have the capabilities of multinational companies or governments to navigate this dynamic environment.

    Yet, these enterprises can fulfill an important role in enhancing socioeconomic relations between Europe and the MENA region. JISR’s non-profit services help them to understand the changing environment and to improve their future fitness in pursuit of their objectives.

    JISR’s applied research and coaching activities are customized, whether they relate to a sector or a project. If relevant, JISR can facilitate contact with a network of regional experts. JISR is an initiative of the Dutch non-profit foundation, Stichting Pionier Instituut (Chamber of Commerce 27366548).